Hidden gem of local music

If dark basements, thick aromas of body odor & sweat, & near deafening volumes of music sound like your idea of a good time, then buckle up- you’re in for a ride.


There is most definitely a music community in every city, whether it be a country town or a metal town. There’s the big venue shows, i.e. The Ryman and then the smaller, some would say the more “locals only” shows, i.e. The East Room. But somewhere deep down, in every city, there’s the secret world of House Shows.

House Show: 
1. A house party that features one or more bands or DJ’s, often local artists, as an underground, usually free or cheap cover event.
Trevor’s band is playing a House Show this Friday night in your neighborhood. 


Now, I know what some of you are thinking… “House Shows are not secret… all you have to do is look online and you’ll find one.” Its that easy, right? Yeah, I thought so too. Until I was at a show recently and someone literally came up to me in amazement about the fact she had never heard of/been to anything “like this.” I was actually stunned. Seeing as Nashville is labeled Music City and I just assumed everyone was familiar.

Despite what I said about dark, smelly, basements not all House Shows are the same. I’ve attended some that are acoustic, everyone brings their own blanket to sit on, back yard style. I’ve also attended some that have people in the yard spinning fire batons. So, there is definitely a House Show for everyone. Now comes the question, how do I find one?


Social media is a sure way to find out when and where all the happenings happen. Following your favorite local and nonlocal bands on Instagram and Twitter are key. Your local bands are more likely to make actual posts about upcoming House Shows, whereas your bigger bands will most likely give hints and clues as to where their House Shows will be i.e. their Instastory. That way it remains a little more intimate, which in my opinion, is why House Shows are so great.

Another way to stay in the loop, is to join your local music community groups online i.e. Facebook groups such as, Nashville House Shows. These groups will post more of the local band type ish. It’s also a great way to get involved if you or someone you know is trying to book some shows.

Once you start attending these little gatherings and making new friends, word of mouth is an even better way of knowing when the real “secret secret’ shows are. For example, I found out one of my favorite bands, As Cities Burn, was playing a House Show from a friend’s friend telling my friend that told me to check his friend’s friend’s Twitter who just so happened to be the host of the show.

So, there ya have it. The ‘not so secret’ secret world of House Shows.

Lights, Camera, Action


The moment is finally here. After months & months of procrastination, I did it. I’m a blogger, bitch.
I’m about to blow my load of knowledge all over this cyber black hole.

Ok, no but really…. This blog will be a mixture of crude humor (as seen above), travel tips for an ambitious explorer (living off a server wage), fashion advice (for people who wear a lot of black), random photos of kittens, puppies, hedgehogs, squirrels, bunnies, turtles, (you get the picture) and where to see that one band you think you like but don’t want to pay a ton of money because you actually only know their hit songs but if you don’t go see them then you’ll have nothing to talk about with your hip friends that only hang out in smoky dungeon bars from your local “scene” magazine.

If this sounds like the place for you, then hi & welcome to my shit show.